Packaging Design

Arcade Brewery 
"Dubbeltime"  :  Label Design Challenge  :  "Belgian Dubbel Ale with Cocoa Nibs"
Chicago based Arcade Brewery puts almost as much time and energy into their label art as they do their beer. They also have a Public Brew program where the community is challenged to create the name and label design for one of their seasonal beers each quarter. Here is my submission for their 2015 label contest. 

Botticelli Pasta Packaging

Botticelli’s brand values promote family, tradition, a healthy lifestyle, and authenticity. I used the brand values to create packaging that is functional, engaging and could stand out against competitors on the shelf. The example below was the final choice. It uses the window to show the pasta so the customer knows exactly what they are getting, The badge includes Italian colors to unite the packaging back to its roots. The chalkboard feel and hand drawn type also shows that the pasta is hand crafted and healthy.

Price point 1

Price Point 2


Price point 3

Magnifico Wine Label

The first graphic label was chosen for Magnifico. It uses a more controlled hand-drawn typography and stacked type. The curvaceous attitude of the hand-drawn type breaks the mold of the traditional stacked type and engages the windmill graphic above it. The idea of freeing the more traditional values is a reflection of the adventurous nature of Magnifico. The type also involves small vine-like details to connect the label back to the Castillo Juan Navarro family vineyard. The windmill symbolizes the movement and the status of the family vineyard. The photographic labels use pictures from the Castillo Juan Navarro Vineyard as a backdrop. The typographic label is a decorative, organic design with an adventurous feel.